"Currently the movement to make furniture more art than simply craft is gaining momentum. While I generally applaud this direction I am of the school that believes furniture should retain functionality. In addition, where appropriate, it should also be comfortable. While beauty may be in the mind of the beholder, when it comes to furniture I favor a look that has a universal aesthetic appeal. "

"High quality joinery and construction techniques are important and almost taken for granted. But once the technical skills are mastered the most important aspect of furniture making is the design. Designing is a disciplined process that draws primarily on my imagination. It is also important to learn from past and present masters but develop your own style and give it your personal imprint."

"My preference is to make chairs, specifically rocking chairs. They are considered to be the most difficult furniture to make. Besides enjoying the technical challenge I also enjoy incorporating beauty, comfort and strength. Since a chair is really a very complicated piece of sculpture, that also has to perform an important function, the variations in form and style that one can develop are endless and only limited by one's imagination. "

"My goal is to build furniture that is elegant and has a timeless beauty that can be enjoyed for generations."

- John C. Moldovan