"If it had not been for World War II chances are that I would not have become a woodworker. I probably would have been involved in the family painting business in Romania. That is were I was born but my family fled the Russians when I was four. We ended up in Austria where I lived until the age of sixteen."

"It was in Austria where I was first exposed to arts and crafts through the study of architectural design. I studied home building, design, drawing, painting and calligraphy. In 1956 I had to suddenly stop my studies since my immediate family and I immigrated to the United States."

"I earned an engineering degree, followed by a tour in Viet Nam, graduate school, marriage, raising two daughters and a career in information systems. It was not until I took early retirement and moved to Santa Fe that I came back to what I really love to do. I became a home builder and earned a certificate in fine woodworking from Santa Fe Community College. In 1997 I started a full time shop with several other wood workers." "After successfully selling my furniture at juried shows in Los Angeles we decided, for personal and professional reasons, to move to California. I have now established my own shop and studio, work full time, teach part time, and live with my wife in the beautiful town of Sonoma."

- John C. Moldovan