Why you should buy one of my rockers.

Good reasons to buy a Moldovan Rocker.


Presumably you appreciate the difference between factory made and hand made.  The question here is why buy one of my hand made rockers.  My emphasis here will be on my rockers and not other maker’s works.  In the late 1990's there were just a hand full of rocking chair makers.  Since then many more woodworkers have embraced the rocking chair and now there is quite a choice.  I think Sam Maloof is greatly responsible for this trend.  So, there are now lots of Maloof knock-offs and many great chairs out there.

If you look through my website you will notice quite a few different rocker designs.  I get bored easily with making the same thing over and over, that’s why I do one-of-a-kind.  It’s not very efficient but then my motive is not to push productivity and maximum profitability.  So this is a primary reason to order one of my chairs.  You can mix and match design elements from various chairs to arrive at a unique look that meets your taste.

Another reason is to custom fit the chair to your body.  One size does not fit all.  I have very simple techniques that ensure a custom fit that is comfortable for you and looks great.

Working with a physical therapist, I have developed a seat pan shape that considers the human skeletal structure to make sitting on a solid wood seat comfortable for many hours.

In conjunction with the seat shape, the back support is designed to work with the curvatures of the lumbar region and the thoracic curve of the spine.  I offer two basic models of back support.  One is made up of several hand carved spindles that offer very solid support for the back.  The other consists of several slats that are laminated and are flexible and provide a bit of spring to the back as one rocks back and forth.  One is not necessarily better than the other, it’s simply a preference and I provide the choice.

A very critical characteristic of a rocker is that it rocks well and that it is well balanced.  On my rockers that motion is small and effortless.  If you sit in the chair, lean back, close your eyes, and straighten your legs you will get the sensation of floating.  There is no tendency to fall forward or back.  In this position your entire body will be supported and all your muscles (except the legs) will be relaxed.  When you put your feet back on the floor the legs will relax as well.

One other feature of my runners is the front part of the runners are flat.  This causes the chair to be locked in position as one pushes down on the arms in getting out of the chair.

Of course one other main reason to order one of my chairs is the pleasure you will experience in working with me.  You will find me very easy to work with and willing to go the extra yard to make the process pleasant and giving you a product that will exceed your expectations.  If you read about my background on my website you will see that I have been well educated and that I have done many things in many places and I know what I am doing.  So give me a call and come by for a visit.

John Moldovan makes rockers in his Sonoma, CA studio.