Presentation to Bay Area Woodworkers Association

Outline of the BAWA presentation.


The Bay Area Woodworkers Association invited me to address their monthly meeting in Forrest City on May 16, 2013.  Chairs and particularly rocking chairs was the general topic.  The presentation was based on questions that were solicited from the BAWA membership.

Topics discussed were a short history of chairs, human factors to consider when designing a chair, techiques to be used in the design process, general dimensions and angles, benefits and advantages of a rocker, bending wood, recommended joints, shape of runners, solid vs. upholstered seats, how to consider wood grain, back shape and design, finishes and reading references.

Three rockers of various designs were presented and discussed.  Also discussed were templates for seat shape, back slats and spindles, and a jig for cutting mortises.  Techniques for shaping wood was presented and various attachments for the angle grinder were shown.

I am grateful to BAWA for the invitation, the warm and friendly reception and the enthusiastic response and participation.